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Networks & Partners

At Phoenix, we pride ourselves on being good networkers and helpful partners. We believe strongly in the importance of working collaboratively for the good of our beneficiaries, and value the relationships which we have built up with other organisations across the city and county.

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Cambridgeshire GET Group is an umbrella infrastructure support group for member organisations in the Voluntary and Community Sector (VCS) who offer guidance, employment and training to people who are either unemployed or are experiencing other barriers to progressing.

Our membership enables Phoenix to stay up-to-date and informed about the local VCS scene and is particularly useful in the identification of potential funding.

Another huge plus associated with our membership, is assistance in recruiting new volunteers. For this, a special shout-out to two particular organisations, Richmond Fellowship and New Meaning, who in the last few months alone, have introduced us to several new volunteers, who are already making a real difference to the work we do.   


STEnG, the Social Training Enterprise Group, is a Cambridgeshire partnership that works alongside people who are disadvantaged within society, and particularly within the labour market, because of learning and physical disabilities, sensory impairment, or poor mental health / mental illness.


All STEnG organisations also have a social purpose i.e. providing supported work experience, training and increased opportunities for lifelong learning experiences.

As members, Phoenix enjoys the benefits of working collaboratively and creatively, sharing information and good practice, in order to improve the quality of our provision. Other members are :


Like any charities, we are very reliant on volunteers, and exceedingly grateful for the wonderful contribution they make at Phoenix.


Our membership of CCVS (Cambridge Council for Voluntary Service) a registered charity set up to champion and support community and voluntary groups, and promote volunteering across Cambridgeshire, is therefore important to us. Through CCVS we can access support, advice on funding, relevant and appropriate training, and also recruit new volunteers.

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