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Phoenix day out to Darwin Farm

We went to Darwin Nursery because they were having an apple day. On Tuesday 18th October a group of co-workers from Phoenix drove to the nursery for the morning.

What is Darwin Farm?

Darwin Farm is a workplace for adults with learning disabilities and mental health challenges just outside Cambridge. They keep animals and grow plants.

There is an orchard where they grow lots of different sorts of apples, which people could try on apple day. The animals include goats, sheep, pigs, rabbits and hares, ducks and chickens.

I liked watching the goats, Noeleen loved the pigs.

About Apple Day

It was a beautiful, bright and warm autumn day. There were different activities including a treasure hunt, quiz, apple pressing and tasting, and buggy rides.

My favourite bit was the treasure hunt, where you had to go around the farm and collect six stickers.

There was a cake stall where all the cakes used apples as one of the ingredients including apple cake, crumble cake, apple loaf, apple pie and flap jacks. I had an apple muffin.

Some of the Phoenix crew played ping pong. Just as we were leaving an Elvis impersonator arrived, which was my friend’s favourite part.

A grand day out.

Everyone enjoyed themselves, I recommend it as a day out and I hope to go again next year.


Thanks to Kodie for putting together our first co-worker blog article, we hope this will be the start of many more!

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