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Help from Hill puts Phoenix on a path to further success

A couple of weeks ago our brilliant friends from Hill gave us their time and expertise to help spruce up the Phoenix site. Hill’s enthusiasm was contagious, with co-workers, volunteers, support workers and staff all pitching in, one group taking on a project to improve access from the country park, and another brightening up our dining area. After such a chilly January, and with Hill’s assistance, we are feeling ready for Spring, and hopefully, plenty of customers visiting to check out and buy our concrete and wooden products.

Hill’s ethos of social responsibility includes, in their own words, aiming “to have a positive impact on every community we have the privilege to work in”. From Phoenix’s perspective, that positive impact is evident for all to see, and echoed by co-worker David, saying, “I loved my day with Hill, they were kind and helpful people.” – they certainly were, and deserving of a very big thank you from all of us 😊

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