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Phoenix News

We hope you will enjoy exploring the site, discovering more about the charity, the Phoenix community of trainees, staff, volunteers and trustees, and the products which are for sale. ​ Throughout the site, and specifically on the Contact/Order products page, you can click to bring up a contact form. This is the easiest way to enquire about our services and products, but you can also call us on (01223) 420669, email us at, or come and visit, we are open to the public Tuesday to Friday between 8:30am and 3:30pm. Please note that when using the contact form to order products, we will then be in touch to confirm the details with you, prior to the order being placed, so when providing a phone number, can you ensure that it is a daytime one.

Woody's chance bumping into Charlotte Racher, a reporter from Cambridge TV led to this piece, shown last night. Watch here.

The new Phoenix Trust Privacy statement is now available to view online here.

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